What is Content Marketing?

There is much buzz in the marketing world about “content”. Content of your website, content in social media, content in your profile. There was a time when the word “content” enjoyed limited use in something called the Table of Contents in books. Today, we are a content driven society. We love content.

It seems that the right content in the right place can really help your business grow. It’s comes down to content earned interest like a savings account. Only, the “interest” is true interest by interested readers. The more interest you have in your website or social media page the more your audience grows.

4 Reasons Content Helps Business Grow

Fresh Content Engages Search Engines

Every time you add a new page, new contents or post to your website, it sends a search signal to search engines that you have added new content. If you are constantly adding or changing your site Google and the other search engines start to see your site as a regular publisher and will send traffic your way simply because your website is perceived as informative, up-to-date and topical. Over a period of time this effect grows. Your website is viewed with a higher amount of value and more credible with content added. This improves your organic rankings without spending money.

More Content = More Engaged Readers

Have you ever landed in a website that you can’t get out of because you keep clicking from one thing to another. Youtube is a website that comes to mind. Every time you watch a video Youtube shows you other videos you might like that are similar. If you really like the site you end up bookmarking it or making it one of your favorites so you can go back often. This is the type of action that cause organic ratings to improve and many people keep going back to the same site. Obviously to keep coming back over and over you must have a lot of interesting content than makes them want to come back to see what you have added.

Links Within

Once you have lots of content you can begin placing links within new content that refers to previously posted content on your page. This is important because it keeps people in your website longer and engages them even more. Having people click from one link to another within your site can help you with search engine optimization.

More Information Drives New Sales

The more resourceful your website is the more likely visitors will come looking for information. Whether it is a product, a topic, a blog or a solution, you want people to view your site as an informational resource. Avoid posting content simply to post content. While consistency in posting, updating and modifying is important, if it is of little to know value it discourages people from coming back to your site.

Summary: Help your site grow with fresh and interesting content posted on a regular schedule that builds predictability with your audience as well as the search engines.